Rocky Mountain Vacation -- Is It On Your Bucket List?

Saturday, 14 September 2013
The Rocky Mountains provide some of the greatest recreational opportunities in the United States. In fact, ski resorts, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, provide some of the world's best snowboarding and ski during the snow season. No matter what skill level you are at, these resorts will provide you with great downhill pleasure. There is a tremendous variety of terrain, so there is a slope when the greenest novice or the most seasoned veteran.

One of the most fun and inexpensive ways to visit one of these mountain hotels involves groups, including family and friends. Going on a vacation in the snow with people you know is usually the most enjoyable way to experience the adventure and excitement of winter sports. The best news is that you can probably get some really good deals if you go with an organized group. This includes lodging as well as travel expenses. It is well worth looking into. When you announce your plans for vacation in the Rockies, the excitement begins to build immediately. This is the type of vacation that is on everyone's bucket list. While adventure in the snow would be the first thing that comes to mind, winter is not the only season for visiting the upper altitudes of these western mountains. There are plenty of wonderful activities year round that will provide wonderful travel memories.

One of the best summer activities is backcountry wilderness hiking. You and your family or friends and explore the more remote areas of the Rockies. There are guides for hire, and you can even make the trip into a camping experience as well. But you do not have to walk; you can go on horseback. Either way, walking or riding, it will probably be one of the more memorable experiences for you, your family, and your friends.

Other ways to experience the beauty and glory of the Western mountain regions involves either air or water. See the majesty of the mountains from an airplane or helicopter. Make sure when you do that you take your camera along. Or, boating tours are another way to get your fill of the clean crisp mountain air. You can rent kayaks or canoes to explore the pristine mountain lakes or try your hand at Trout fishing. There are also party boats available on some of the larger lakes. Again, the digital camera is a must. Of course, it goes without saying that white water rafting is one of the most thrilling adventures you can experience in the summertime. You can book a tour for individuals or large groups, and you are only limited by your own apprehension. There are plenty of levels of difficulty available, from grade 1, which is very basic, all the way up to grade 6, but if you want to navigate grade 6 rapids, you will be on your own, because there is no guide or insurance plan that will cover you in this adventure.

Each season in the Rockies offers its own adventures. No matter which season you choose, you will enjoy clean fresh air, breathtaking views, and memorable experiences.

by Stewart Wrighter


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