Pasadena Monuments and Memorials - A Solemn Tribute to Patriots

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The area of Southern California is known for its history and elegance. This is proven by the vast mounts of artists and artistic elements residing and practicing in the southern California region including the Californian Philharmonic Orchestra. The Pasadena Memorials and Monuments are testimonials to the artistic talents of southern California, as well their patriotic spirit.

The Vietnam War memorial at the Pasadena Memorial Park is constructed from black granite with a bronze folded flag on top. The inspiring words "we honour the courage, sacrifice and devotion to duty and country of our Vietnam Veterans, we remember those how gave their lives and those who remain missing" is engraved on the plaque. The Robinson Memorial, which has been dedicated to two outstanding sportsmen from the city of Pasadena, commemorates the lives of Mack Robinson who won the silver medal for the 200m race at the 1936 Olympics and Jackie Robinson who shattered the colour barrier in American sports by becoming a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947.

Other monuments in the area such as the Drinking Fountain and the Defenders Park, as well as the founder's monument which was designed by Walter C. Beckwith engulfs the traveller with immense curiosity about the incredible history that follows the Pasadena area. A new plaque had to be installed on the founder's monument as the original was stolen in the year 1986. Goodhue Flagpole, which is also known as Pasadena Memorial Flagpole, is dedicated to all those who lost their lives in World War I. The flagpole bears an inscription that states "In Proved Remembrance of Our Glorious Dead MCMXVIII".

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Memories - World War II Heritage Sites

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Visitors to Singapore will find that many of its buildings and public places have been touched by World War II. As the location of the British Malaya Command Headquarters the city was heavily involved in war time activity even staging their own stoic defense against invaders. The World War II heritage of the country provides a poignant reminder of the futility and cost of war and to curious modern day tourists an interesting insight into history more than half a century old.

Whether a war veteran or simply a curious tourist the city’s World War II trail is of considerable interest filled as it is with interesting monuments, forts, underground bunkers and other buildings directly associated with the war.

Some of the key WW II heritage sites include the Kranji War Memorial that honours the many men and women from commonwealth countries who lost their lives. The site has war graves, military graves and memorial walls. The poignant inscription on the memorial “they died for all free men” says it all.

An interesting site that will catch the fancy of many visitors is the Battle Box. Located nine metres underground in Fort Canning Park, this complex was the actual British Malaya Command Headquarters. Realistic sound effects such as bombs bursting overhead accompany visitors during the tour of the 22 underground rooms of the bomb proof complex. The use of audio-visual animatronics, special effects and lifelike figures enable visitors to relive the bustle of the place during war time.

The Civilian War Memorial, east of the Padang commemorates the four ethnics groups who fought and died during the occupation and is a sad reminder again of the cost of war.

A WW II site occupying a large area is Singapore’s only remaining coastal defense, Fort Silso originally built to protect the western entrance to Singapore’s harbor still with four coastal gun batteries now manned by lifelike effigies, houses a large collection of WW II memorabilia and 17th century artillery. Dioramas depict the life of prisoners of war housed in the fort during WW II.

The site of the British surrender to the Japanese in 1942, the former Ford automotive assembly plant is another point of interest. This quaint art deco building is a museum now with artifacts, photographs and news paper clipping from the era.

The memorial at Bukhit Chandu commemorates the Malay Regiment soldiers who fought and died to at the Battle of Bukhit Chandu.

Alexandra Hospital is another poignant war memorial, the scene of an atrocity where staff and military casualties were killed by invading forces. The hospital retains much of the original architectural features including now walled up entrances to underground shelters.

The Cenotaph built in 1922 to honour the dead of WW I was converted to honour the dead of WW II as well. The sixty foot high granite monument has the words “they died so we may live” inscribed to commemorate WW II fallen. Several other memorials honouring Asian warriors of WW II dot the city.

Singapore City Hall, the site of many highpoints of the country’s history, is where the British accepted the surrender of Japanese forces in 1945.

The Japanese Cemetery Park in Hougang is the largest such facility in South East Asia. It holds the graves of about 910 Japanese men and women who lost their lives during the war. It also has monuments dedicated to the various units of the invasion forces.

Many sites with WW II associations have been demolished to make way for the new.

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Iconic Structures of History – Public Memorials and Monuments of Pasadena

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Summary - Pasadena is a city which is known for its colourful history. Therefore the city of Pasadena has many monuments and memorials dedicated to many historic incidents and iconic individuals, which are located throughout the city.

Pasadena, a city in the state of California, is popular for the hosting of the annual Rose Bowl Football Game since 1902, the hosting of the annual Tournament of Roses Parade since 1890, and of course for its colourful history. Since its founding in 1874, Pasadena has had a vibrant history with many historic incidents throughout its over 130 year history.

Due to the many historic incidents and developments which have taken place in this city, there are many public memorials and monuments throughout the city, dedicated to various individuals and incidents which have been a part of the city’s history. Many of these monuments and memorial structures have become attractions in the city now due to their popularity and architectural value.

There are well over 50 historical structures in the city of Pasadena, each with its own historical tale behind it. One of the most popular monuments is the Founder’s Monument, designed by Walter C. Beckwith, and dedicated to the 27 founders of the city. Pasadena has many popular memorial structures, of which one of the most popular is the Goodhue Flagpole, standing 115ft tall, dedicated to all those who served during the First World War. The Civil War Memorial which commemorates those who served the Union during the American Civil War, and the Gold Star Mother’s Flagpole, created in memory of those killed during the Second World War, are also popular memorials. Another memorial located in the Rose Garden is the Freedom Tree, which serves as a symbol of the Universal Freedom of Man and is dedicated to those killed in the Vietnam War. The Memorial Arch of Library, which is the original entrance to Pasadena’s first free public library, and the Vietnam Veteran Memorial which is a rather beautiful monument, are some of the most visited sites in the city. In addition to these, there are many other structures in Pasadena such as the Robinson Memorial, the Pieroni Memorial, the Bicentennial Trees, the Hogoboom Memorial Bench, and the Granite Monument, each having their own story having played a part in the history of Pasadena.

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Branson Travel Office: Giving You the Best Branson Experience

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Branson is a beautiful city in the state of Missouri, which is a popular tourist destination not only to people around the country, but around the world as well. ItÕs not a surprise that millions of people go to this place all year round as there are so many great places to visit, magnificent shows to view and enjoyable things to do. There are several good hotels to choose from for your stay. You would never get hungry with the sumptuous foods that the restaurants in the city serve. With all the amazing things that you could experience in this place, an excellent travel company is needed to make the most out of your visit. Branson Travel Office is the company to go to, if you need information and help with your trip to Branson.

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There are hundreds of shows being performed on various theaters in the city. Browse on them and determine which of them would interest you. The company could get you the best seats so you could enjoy your chosen shows better. Since there are several attractions to see as well as fun and adventurous things to do, itÕs best to plan ahead so you could try the best of the best. The companyÕs site has all the information that you need about these attractions and recreational things to do in Branson.

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Kenya Safari and Tanzania Trips Reputed Among the Family Members

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Secured Tanzania Tour For The Family

Africa travel deliver the opportunity to merge in the white foam rich coastal, riding on the hybrid horses, performing the thrilling actions such as kayaking, trekking, hiking, boating, swimming and other mind mesmerizing actions. The mind relaxing camps suitable for the veterans and the copious game reserves deliver the Tanzania.

The Kenya camps deliver the camp fire, soul melting songs, the roaring of the wild animals and cool breeze. According to the fiscal competence the travel can choose the standard tents or building during the camping and it is an ultimate opportunity for the budget families. The excellent opportunity to view your kid’s actions without any workload tension or any other kind of stress and it is an excellent gift for your family members.

The Exciting Actions Behalf Of Your Family Members

The footprints tracking is one of the excellent and thrilling actions and the tour package include the baby food and hence the Kenya Safari and Tanzania trips reputed among the family members around the universe. Samburu is one of the longest Kenya reserve and literally the name inform the Brown waters and it is a land of Hot Springs. The Buffalo springs deliver the various habitats such as ostrich, beisa, Generuks and so forth. You have the chance to track the elephant footprints, acquire the feat of lions roaring enjoy the Cheetahs naughty actions and so forth. There is a chance to live the inhabitant of Samburu by stayed in their villages and grasps the great concepts of culture and heritage. The excellent learning opportunity about the cultural of the native Africans and it deliver you the awesome experience and evergreen memories.

Lewa Marathon- Prove your skills in Kenya

Laikipia Kenya offer the chance to visit the conservation point and particular ranches utilized for breeding of Rhinoceros. The Lewa Downs a protected ranch it is especially for the rhino conservation and Lewa marathon provide you a remarkable running experience and the splendid action executed by the racers by crossing the 140 miles. It includes the running through open plains, rough hills and dense forest and it deliver the breathtaking and fun experience by meeting the elephants, cape buffalo, rhinoceros and so forth. Kenya safari delivers the various innovative concepts such as walking safaris, horse riding and honeymoon trips too. Kenya travel with kids provides the excitement for whole family and at the same time the packages provide the cost effective options. Kenya safari for the family ensures the cheap excursion by sharing concept. Yes, the top tourist firms deliver the sharing of the bed with the parents, selecting the walking safaris and so forth.

Merge with the package of Family holidays Kenya travel is an ultimate choice for the family members and the persons who graving for the group travelling experience. Owing to the family visit, the worry about the family wiped out and the enjoyable staying in the tents, jumping a long to cross the streams and other kinds of bravery actions are possible only.

by Manoj Sharma

The Korean War Veterans Memorial

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There are many excellent choices for places to go or things to do when visiting Washington DC and most visitors plan to include stops at memorials or monuments. As you plan, the Korean War Memorial is a stop to seriously consider.

Located in the National Mall in West Potomac Park, this memorial was designed to remember and respectfully honor the courage, patriotism and dedication of all who served in what once was dubbed The Unknown War and America's Forgotten War. A silver inscription graces the area where the Korean War Memorial is located reminding all who visit that "Freedom is Not Free."

One hundred tons of black, granite was used to create the wall at the Korean War Memorial Polished to the degree that it reflects the surroundings and visitors, it was sandblasted with thousands of images taken directly from archival photos and the images show the real faces of those who served. Much consideration was given to what images would be used and in the end over 2,400 were chosen to be used throughout the memorial.

One of the Korean War Memorials most prominent and moving of features is the military squad. Stainless steel was used to create the nineteen statues that appear to be on patrol in a Korean-esque landscape dotted with Juniper bushes. The squad is comprised of the various branches of the United States Military: one from the Navy, one from the Air Force, three from the Marine Corp and fourteen from the Army.

Another feature of the Korean War Memorial is the Pool of Remembrance. Edged with the same black granite used in other areas of the memorial, this tree lined pool is a place of reflection upon the human cost of the war. Benches also line the area, as well as engravings that detail the numbers of those missing in action, wounded, POW or killed in action. Like in many of the other monuments and memorials, the use of symbolism is prolific and profound. Three Rose of Sharon bushes are planted in this area of the memorial because this is the national flower of South Korea. One interesting thing to mention is that the design of the pool reflects the squad of soldiers, but in the reflection there are not nineteen servicemen but thirty eight. The significance of this is that Korea is located on the 38th Parallel.

Deep consideration was given to this particular memorial in order to express the respect and gratitude that is deserved to all who served in the Korean War. It stands as a beautiful, moving and lasting tribute so that "America's Forgotten War" is never truly forgotten. This is a destination worth including when you are in the DC area.

by Susan Brannock