Accessories to Consider When Buying a Digital Camera

Monday, 30 September 2013
Other than the main digital camera you are buying, you will most probably want to consider buying some useful accessories. Which accessories to buy? Here are some suggestions.

1. Camera cables - two types of cable are available, one which connects the camera directly to the computer using a USB port and the other connects to a TV or DVD player for viewing the photos on TV. The one that connects to the computer allows you to transfer the pictures to the computer for viewing and editing using a photo editing software.

2. Spare memory card - Buy at least one spare memory card with as high capacity as possible with your budget. This will come handy when you need to take large number of pictures. (Usually the internal memory or the memory card that come with the camera are of low capacity)

3. Battery charger and spare battery - When a you are traveling overseas or for extended period of time be sure to buy a suitable battery charger or at least an adapter to match the existing charger. Additional batteries (either rechargeable or one time use batteries) are a must.

4. Tripod stand - it is useful when taking picture with timer so that you could be in the picture as well. It is also useful for taking photo when in low light conditions or when performing zooming action. Generally there are two types: monopod (single-legged) and tripod (three-legged). Choose one which you prefer.

5. Camera bag - this is almost a must if you intend to put all your other accessories such as batteries, memory card, tripod stand, etc. in one place. Most bags have different compartments and well padded for added protection. It is usually come with a shoulder strap and handle.

6. Computer and printer - these are essential "accessories" as you could not edit the photos without a computer (even though some camera comes with very simple editing features built-in). A computer serves as link between the printer and the digital camera. In addition you can send you photos (either unedited or edited) to your friends and relative through the internet using the computer. There are all kinds of printers and computer available in the market. Choose the ones that fit your budget.

7. Photo editing software - if you want to do some touch up and produce special effects to your digital photos, a good photo editing software should be considered.

Nowadays all the above accessories come in different sizes and prices. Do shop around and ask around so as to get the best deals.

by Jimmy Talbet


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