Meandering Through the Mall

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As the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. is a great place to visit with a charter bus hired from Bus Charter Trips. A visit to the seat of the American government will give you and your group an insight into how this great nation of ours came to be.

Most sightseeing in Washington D.C. is centered on the National Mall. This unique national park is a huge green area in the center of Washington D.C. is the heart of the nation. Stretching for 2 miles from the White House in the south, to the U.S. Capitol Building in the east and the Abraham Lincoln Memorial in the west, the National Mall has been witness to some of the greatest moments in modern American history.

The National Mall features the greatest concentration of museums, monuments, memorials and government buildings of any city in the United States. Many of its attractions are close to each other, and within walking distance. However, limited parking areas, and security concerns over parked vehicles, means that any kind of public parking in the area is limited to those who work there, or severely time limited. This is where traveling with a charter bus comes in handy, allowing you and your group to be dropped off, and picked up, at your own schedule and location.

Walking through the National Mall, the visitor may get easily confused about what to see, and where. Pick up a handy visitor’s map from any museum or hotel, and plan out where you wish to go, and what you would like to see. It is very unlikely that you will be able to finish the Mall in a day. For instance, if you wish to visit the Smithsonian, do note it is 19 separate buildings, spread across the mall, each concentrating on a specific subject. A museum curator visiting the Air and Space Museum spent 5 days reading each individual exhibit label. This will give you an idea of the scale of some of the buildings on the National Mall.

Most visitors start with the main monuments and memorials. The Washington Memorial with its 555 foot obelisk stands tall over the Mall. The Lincoln Memorial is another firm tourist favorite, having been seen in the background of many a movie. For a sombre experience, visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, where it’s black granite walls etched with the names of U.S. servicemen who died in the conflict reflects on the sacrifice of war. You can pause by the Reflecting Pool, scene of many a protest and march by the people during the 60s.

As the day heats up, most visitors retreat into one of the many air conditioned museums along the Mall. Choices include the National Gallery of Art, the Museum of Natural History, the Museum of American History, the Air and Space Museum, the family friendly Museum of African Art, Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery which displays Asian art and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Plan your visit to Washington D.C. with Bus Charter Trips by giving us a call and find out about our friendly, personalized service.

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Bora Bora Island: Paradise for lovebirds

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Bora Bora Island is unquestionably the most fabulous tourist destination and is a dream of many people in the world. Rising the charm of Pacific Islands, the Bora Bora Island offers magnificence to the fullest for which people in fact, throng here and grab all of the happiness for rest of their life. The island is the honeymooner's paradise, as the island offers romantic atmosphere along with spectacular natural beauty at every corner.

Bora Bora is an island belongs to the Leeward group of the Society Islands, which is of French Polynesia. It is an overseas collectivity of France that shimmer the beauty in Pacific Ocean. Located at a distance of nearly 230 kilometres towards the northwest of Papeete, the island is bordered by a lagoon as well as a barrier reef. Right at the meddle of the island, you can see the remnants of a wiped out volcano that mounts to two distinct peaks named Mount Pahia as well as Mount Otemanu. The highest point of the peak is at 727 metres. Suffered heavily during the World War II, the Bora Bora Island today is a nature's paradise, boasting most of the attractions in its bed.

The island offers beautiful beaches that entice people to explore more, various amazing resorts, and magnificent views that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. Truly, a vacation at Bora Bora Island will offer memories for the lifetime. Words will always be short to describe or explain the beauty of the island. Turn your eyes anywhere at the island, and you could see captivating views that soothe every people's eyes and mind. Being a part of France, this island offers almost everything to be called as a heaven. It is an ideal destination for the newlywed couples or for the newly found lovebirds. So if you are the one, do not waste time to plan for a destination. Just pack your bags and head for it.

Bora Bora Island will never let anyone down. Enjoy its serenity to the fullest; enjoy exploring the sights by walk and take pleasure as much as you can. The island has many leisure activities to offer you at the beaches that stretch out to offer cozy atmosphere. When the question of travel comes, the best answer to this depends upon the personal preferences. If you are the nature fanatic then the Bora Bora Islands no doubt, will take your breath away. Miraculously, the island has so much of charm and attractions that there will be no one in the entire world who could escape out of it. The best time to visit the islands will be the months of May through October when Polynesian winters brings its cool weather to lure everyone.

During the winter season, you will find the island is almost packed with many travelers who throng here from different parts of the world. You will get many different options to reach to your destination. You can choose the International Airlines from any other European high-up airports. Or else, the other option, which you can try is to reach first at France and then from there link to the Sailing or Cruising vessels, private charters, and smaller boats. To make you vacation unforgettable, everything will be served to you completely.

While exploring the sights, enjoy its outstanding hotels; Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa, Le Meridien Bora Bora, which is the most attractive accommodation; and the Novotel Bora Bora Beach Resort.

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Net Air Tickets to Washington & Attend Top Festivals and Events

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The capital and a tourist Mecca of United States, Washington DC is a dream destination of millions of travellers around the globe. The utterly cosmopolitan city is ingrained with all the necessary ingredients for perfect holidays and has nothing to dismay the high spirits of holidaymakers.

Dotted with awe-inspiring sightseeing and offering plethora of recreational activities, Washington is decidedly one of the best holiday destinations in the USA. Although a vacation in the metropolis is welcome at any time, visiting during festivals and events make for an all the more rhapsodic affair.

National Cherry Blossom Festival

Travellers booking air tickets to Washington for the month of March can look forward to the National Cherry Blossom Festival. It is the best time to witness the blossoming of cluster of cherry tress on Tidal Basin in Washington. The two-week festival is all about cultural and culinary events like National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade, Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival and more.

National Memorial Day Celebration & Parade

National Memorial Day Celebration & Parade is another intriguing event and is held in the month of May. The Parade pays tribute to the veteran soldiers who have served the country and died to preserve the liberties of United States. Over 1,50,000 spectators behold the overwhelming parade of marching bands, on duty military units, youth groups and retired soldiers from World War II, Vietnam, Desert Storm and Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.

National Capital Barbecue Battle

If you love barbeque, then booking air tickets to Washington for National Capital Barbeque Battle in June is an absolute must. The annual contest between top BBQ restaurants of the country makes for the finest time to sample the delectable barbeque dishes and witness the cooking demonstrations. Besides, one can also take delight in live entertainment like jazz, blues and R&B performances.

Washington, DC International Food & Wine Festival

Washington, DC International Food & Wine Festival is a delightful festival for wine lovers. One of the largest events of Mid-Atlantic region, the festival features exquisite wines and luscious cuisine that highlight the entrancing culture of the place. Held in February at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Centre, the fascinating festival is a great reason to grab tickets to Washington.

National Book Festival

The annual event of National Book Festival is held each September on the National Mall between 7th and 14th Sts, Washington DC. Sponsored by Library of Congress, the book festival aims to promote the love of reading. Myriads of feature reading and book signing from several best-selling authors are organised at the event. National Book Festival is an enlightening event for one and all. Many pavilions are set up under different categories.

National Christmas Tree Lighting & Pageant of Peace

Booking airline tickets to Washington during Christmas can never be a bad decision. The Pageant of Peace includes performances by well-known artists and is highlighted with the first lighting of the National Christmas Tree by the President of the USA. Musical and dance programs are also organised near the spot during the weeks leading up to the festival.

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Oahu One Day Tours: Whirlwind And Wonderful

In less than 24 hours a tourist can experience the glory and majesty of this tropical hot spot through Oahu on a one day tour. These tours generally can be enjoyed in one's own car, sometimes on foot (for shorter or smaller scale tours) or on a tour bus; personal tours also can be arranged for individuals, couples and small vacation parties.

In exploring the beauty of Oahu, every tourist will want to tour the sandy beaches that distinguish this area. Many tourists visit Oahu for its bronze-sanded beaches and picturesque coves, many of which--like Waikiki Beach and Pali Lookout--can be explored in one day. All of these picturesque sites offer the natural beauty and splendor of Hawaii at its finest; all of the scenes a tourist has spotted via picture postcards, he/she now can see firsthand! Other stops on a one day tour in Oahu will depend on the nature of the particular tour that one takes, and on the specific interests of the vacationers.

For years, Particularly when they visit the USS Arizona and USS Missouri memorials at Pearl Harbor, both of which are associated with the second World War, as well as the world-renowned Punchbowl Cemetery (National Memorial of the Pacific), Oahu visitors have enjoyed learning about the rich historical value and significance of this area. War veterans and current military personnel, history teachers, historical writers of both fiction and nonfiction, and historians fined these attractions particularly appealing. A first hand look at these landmarks to our nations history will tremendously benefit school kids at all levels.

Other one day tours in Oahu might involve a long visit to the world famous Polynesian Cultural Center, where a tourist can do everything from hear detailed cultural and historical presentations and classic, bouncy tropical music that captures this area, and see native dancing which brings this music fully and vibrantly to life.

Hawaiian vacations could include visits to Oahu historical cultural landmarks or (at the opposite end of the spectrum) popular night spots, or could center around guided activities like diving or snorkeling. What better way to explore the beautiful waters of Oahu than by diving in head first; embarking on what is sure to be a truly unforgettable underwater adventure?

A one day tour in Oahu will allow the tourist the rare opportunity to experience the beautiful and exciting sights this area has to offer.

by Gail Leino

Israel Tours Recommendation – Best Hidden Gems in Tel Aviv

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Going on an Israel Tour? A visit in Tel Aviv is a must. Tel Aviv is one of the hot spots along the Mediterranean shore, and easily one of most exciting cities in the world. Tel Aviv offers some of the best shopping, eclectic architecture, modern cuisine and 24/7 partying.

If you would ask a random fellow what there is to see in Tel Aviv, you will most likely be directed to Dizingoff Center and Shenkin St. for the shops and boutiques, the Tel Aviv beach for some fun in the sun, or to Teal Aviv Museum for a good dose of culture.

If you are a veteran traveler, you've probably seen all of the above. But even when checking Israel for the first time, remember that Tel Aviv has its own hidden gems that only a few know about.

In this short article we will take you to two of these secret places, but you must promise not to tell anybody!

Sarona - Back in 1869, long before the state of Israel was born, a group of German Templers landed on the shore of what is later to become Tel Aviv, wishing to reinvent the "true Christian" ideals by settling in the Holy Land. The Templers had a vision that later modeled the Zionist approach - they wanted to develop the desert landscape and turn it into a thriving community. Their settlement was called Sarona, and is now a reminiscent of olden days.

Sarona was built as a true European village, and every house demonstrates beautiful architecture and mesmerizing stories. Strolling through the colony, you'll be able to feel what it was like living in Sarona back in the day - visit the school, the clinic, even see an old-fashioned German bowling alley. But that's not all! The old buildings are now homes to some gorgeous boutiques and restaurants, so be ready to shop and dine while inhaling the unique history of the place.

Because we promised to tell you about secret Israel tour locations, while in Sarona, be sure to look for the old winery. Although the place might seem deserted at first, don't be afraid to walk inside the building, where you will find an extensive underground cave system, built especially to conserve the wine barrels. Take a stroll through this exciting basement, see the gigantic antique barrels, and come back home with a bunch of unforgettable memories.

The American Colony - This is truly a place that very few know about. The American Colony in Jaffa is stretched over Auerbach St. just off the busy commercial Eilat St. and what a magical place this is! Featuring the settlement of Reverend George J. Adams who brought the Church of the Messiah from Maine to Tel-Aviv.

The wooden houses on the street were delivered from the United States, the Immanuel Church is alive until this very day and the Maine Friendship House museum is open to visitors.

But the true beauty of the American Colony hides at the top of Beit Immanuel's Guest House. Once again, you will need some courage for this mission, but the big surprise at the end justifies.

All you have to do is stroll into the guesthouse and look for the stairs. Climb up to the last floor where you'll see an exit to the roof. Voilà ! The entire city is visible from this rooftop on a clear day and the view is jaw dropping. The Tel-Aviv beach stretches in the distance, the old city of Jaffa rests on the South, The towers of Azrieli hover above the North-West, and best of all - this treat is completely free.

So now you know what to do on your next Israel tour!

by Alfredo Coen