Oahu One Day Tours: Whirlwind And Wonderful

Sunday, 7 July 2013
In less than 24 hours a tourist can experience the glory and majesty of this tropical hot spot through Oahu on a one day tour. These tours generally can be enjoyed in one's own car, sometimes on foot (for shorter or smaller scale tours) or on a tour bus; personal tours also can be arranged for individuals, couples and small vacation parties.

In exploring the beauty of Oahu, every tourist will want to tour the sandy beaches that distinguish this area. Many tourists visit Oahu for its bronze-sanded beaches and picturesque coves, many of which--like Waikiki Beach and Pali Lookout--can be explored in one day. All of these picturesque sites offer the natural beauty and splendor of Hawaii at its finest; all of the scenes a tourist has spotted via picture postcards, he/she now can see firsthand! Other stops on a one day tour in Oahu will depend on the nature of the particular tour that one takes, and on the specific interests of the vacationers.

For years, Particularly when they visit the USS Arizona and USS Missouri memorials at Pearl Harbor, both of which are associated with the second World War, as well as the world-renowned Punchbowl Cemetery (National Memorial of the Pacific), Oahu visitors have enjoyed learning about the rich historical value and significance of this area. War veterans and current military personnel, history teachers, historical writers of both fiction and nonfiction, and historians fined these attractions particularly appealing. A first hand look at these landmarks to our nations history will tremendously benefit school kids at all levels.

Other one day tours in Oahu might involve a long visit to the world famous Polynesian Cultural Center, where a tourist can do everything from hear detailed cultural and historical presentations and classic, bouncy tropical music that captures this area, and see native dancing which brings this music fully and vibrantly to life.

Hawaiian vacations could include visits to Oahu historical cultural landmarks or (at the opposite end of the spectrum) popular night spots, or could center around guided activities like diving or snorkeling. What better way to explore the beautiful waters of Oahu than by diving in head first; embarking on what is sure to be a truly unforgettable underwater adventure?

A one day tour in Oahu will allow the tourist the rare opportunity to experience the beautiful and exciting sights this area has to offer.

by Gail Leino


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