Must-Visit Places In Washington DC

Friday, 20 December 2013
Being the country's capital, naturally, there are plenty of wonderful, thought-provoking cultural and historically-rich sites to visit in a bus charter. Washington DC boasts of places like National Mall, a large park within the city center that has been attracting throngs of tourists from the world over for decades. Millions come for languid weekend afternoons walks, biking and picnics with family members too, so, it's not just for the tourists. Another amazing place to visit in the bus would be the Washington Monument. Just remember to charge your camera batteries up on full load and snap away.

What other places to visit in Washington DC in a bus charter? Washington DC is also the place where the famous Korean War Veterans Memorial is. On top of being beautiful, there is so much to learn too - the kids are going to go home smarter and wiser. Since there are so many places to visit, an amazing array of restaurants to experience and a wonderful number of malls to shop at, it is always a wiser option to rent a bus if you want to have a smoother traveling experience. After all, there isn't a point in joining in with the infamous traffic in and out of Washington DC when one is unfamiliar with the roads. In fact, that is why most people touring Washington DC in a group prefer to use bus charter.

Washington DC is also home to one of the largest reflecting pools in the country. You may have seen the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool used as backdrop or featured in films and TV series and not recognize it. It is a rectangular pool located at the National Mall, very near Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument. At different angles, you can see all three - the Monument, the Memorial and the trees - all together through the reflection in the pool. The reflecting pool was designed by Henry Bacon as a dedication to the Lincoln Memorial.

Another must-see site by bus charter - Washington DC Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. It is an art museum located nearby the National Mall too. The sculptures and exhibits are dedicated to the WWII period but has been classified as a museum for contemporary, as well as, modern art. Here, you get to see stuff from Willem de Koonig, Louise Nevelson, Henri Matisse, Mary Cassalt and many, many more! Art lovers, you will most definitely have the time of your life in this museum. Art organizations and photography enthusiasts, get together in a group and visit this museum using bus charter.

Washington DC is rich in art and culture, therefore, the National Symphony Orchestra, National Opera, Warner Theater and the Kennedy Center Honors are all good choices for original and world-famous performances alike.

With so many places to visit in a bus charter, Washington DC will surely leave you with wonderful memories to bring home.

by Pamela Lawson


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