Five Planning Tips for Camping Memorial Weekend

Sunday, 14 April 2013
Have you made camping plans for your family for the upcoming Memorial weekend? This truly marks the beginning of camping season. Planning early is a must if you want to secure a spot at your favorite campground.

Make reservations now for a weekend bonding with the family. Holiday weekends are a busy time and planning ahead to secure a camping spot, organizing camping gear, checking weather conditions, creating a budget and deciding where to go are extremely important for a successful trip. Here are five tips to help you plan for a memorable weekend.

1. First, secure a campground site now, as this will be a busy weekend. A good place to check for reservations is using the Reserve America website. They have campground directories, campground maps, and finding a campground by state. Plug in the information and amenities you would like and the campground selected will give you the availability.

2. Next, check your tent for weatherproofing, camping stove for operation and fuel replacement, organizing the camp kitchen and any other equipment that is important to your family's needs. Hence, giving you the time to fix, order parts, or replace camping gear that you may require.

3. Furthermore, depending on where you decide to camp will verify your budget for gas, food ideas, camp fees, or any other expenses that may occur. Check out America Auto Association website for Trip Tik planner for maps, directions, places of interests and average gas prices. Of course, a big part of the budget will be getting from point A to point B. Expect gas prices to range from $2.80-$3.13 depending on the regional area of travel. In addition, visit the Road Trip America website for help to calculate fuel costs. Meanwhile, check on-line for each states Department of Natural Resource website for typical camping charges, which will include a break down on fees for camping, water, and sewer, electricity or shower facility.

4. Next, use the weather website to help you plan for the conditions that you may encounter for the weekend. By knowing the weather conditions will enable you to select the correct clothing to bring. Not being prepared can make your trip miserable. They usually give you a ten-day forecast outlook, which allows plenty of time to be prepared.

5. Choosing a destination together as a family can be fun. By planning together gives your kids ownership in the trip as well as understanding the process of organizing, packing, and budgeting. Furthermore, selecting a campground that has a variety of activities will keep everyone happy.

Although, it may be an extended weekend for family fun do not forget to remember the true meaning of this holiday. Why not make it an educational experience and incorporate some Memorial traditions for the entire family. Here are some examples to think about like camping near a veterans museum, take in a community parade, place flowers on relatives or soldiers grave and do not forget to observe a moment of silence at 3 p.m. for "National Moment of Remembrance."

All in all, planning a head with the above-mentioned tips will secure a memorable weekend and maybe even generate a new family tradition.

by Polly Mary J. Bowen


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