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Friday, 1 March 2013
Say Beijing is the capital, people from all over the world, every day millions, but the floating population is also true no son well past, except for that few parks and the palace beyond, or the shops.Now more retail business developed, malls, distribution and wide, poured distracted.If only this was put in sixty or in the 1970s, the crowd concentrated in a few places, wangfujing, xidan and front door.

Due to the front door, nonlocal guest on the subway, mostly of many, can converse in front of the old number there, such as six or locals will dwell pickles garden.Xidan and wangfujing is a native of first choice, but the flow of total ratio wangfujing xidan slightly less, the key or the people of the local field wangfujing street is the focus to homes.Of wangfujing department store and dongfeng market is people must go.My impression the department store building, not to where things have much good, but where the stairs let me unforgettable.

The department store, the stair have several forms of main staircase is folding trans, intermediate come first segment on both sides, and the width of shunt, on both sides of the stairs narrow, side, another side, the wall under significant tag, big word clearly write: upstairs and downstairs, but we never see people to obey.The basic principle is that which side one relatively few some went up, no matter which side.Upstairs when still good, anyway you'll notice a bit, don't step in the front man's shoes, and follow them.Action is basically like no physical person upstairs in step, that more than three seconds, can't stop, poured too slow.Downstairs is careful, for several reasons.The first is YanYun.Stood looking down stairs, a group of skull against the rock, have black hair, white hair, black and white hair, no hair, there are generations of the hat, upstairs downstairs, flap about up there in the big elephant have only holding in this group of people shaking.Second, the stairs, the material is slippery, use material was smooth, terrazzo, plus people, each steps constantly cadence all the edge of collapse down the ground round one, plus when pop plastic glasses shoes, can easily slips.Years of use without replacement, stairs was trodden obvious dent, a right and left, two ways.People walk in it easily fall down.The 3rd, want to prevent behind someone slips, heart to have a wary of, or falling down is a at one time.

Each floor sell different things, different counter have different people.Selling cloth counter, usually around women forever caravans son, muttered softly.I have to now also don't understand, is not a cloth, it can study well more than half an hour, came to also do not buy.As for electrical counter, but senior things namely record players and transistor radio, around people are male, see, the people who buy less, mainly in there of having the fierce kan namely advocate.On the third floor of a corner has a toilet, and sell the place together eat, drink, sell namely actually ping2 shuo wear an ice-sucker and soda, but person always big.Men still good, access to speed a line still, vice versa rotation speed will slowly, each accepted number limited.Around the corner is waving toilets and ping2 shuo wear an ice-sucker soda conflated flavor.

In big hospital heard the story of a popular in the 1960s, says there is a big hospital overseas Chinese from man, a field just off the train on dusty field bag and ran to the department store, the purpose is to buy pieces just starr entrance watch.But to a counter etc. Along while also nobody reason, this would be a little nasty, his voice can't help high up, the results of a young salesgirl came up and took the body of Saul his eyes say: you so still buy table shout?You can afford?The a listen to fire up, hand at a refers to that girl say: were you able to afford even!The girl also, by hand a unequivocal that the most expensive imports means watch and said: yes!Can you afford this list, I also will sell you!This dude pa to turn over the broken bag, take out the money on the counter a clap associate said: ok, you go with me!Salesgirl make a big stolid, results or several veterans come at the appointed time. Open countDidn't expect the folk unwilling, no two days back again, but this time is to buy a pair of watch, the gentlemancarries the veterans group he sent to the salesgirl.Later I heard that somebody else two people became family.

And after a few years, a former department store ZhangBingGui, allegedly selling candy counter people queuing, among them many before to see who is ZhangBingGui, see his delight prospective head.And after some years, has revolutionized department store also on the fourth floor open a bar form of cold drinks seat, lighting the dark some, gin also place some, waitress also wear good-looking some, of course the price also high for some.That was after fashionable person go somewhere.Then I left the city, the department store is slowly no longer remember.

Until the early 1990s don't remind us to the department store.In order to see the scenery is still department store in, he purposely ran to wangfujing went for a ring.Toll is evident in the past, but not the thing that sells a lot more than once it, even the past invisible maotai was on the frame, with various still put BangBianEr maotai gin.But there's one kind things haven't changed, that between the buyers and sellers of the glass counter.I grilled the counter squinted at those labels son on the offers.Watching will hear BangBianEr emitted a nonlocal mouth YinEr: comrade, I see that a fork a circle of gin.I turn head to see a middle-aged man, wearing a very ordinary, shoes dusty and hand carry a big WangDou, some like playing with the school team when the ball pocket, filled with many things, the most conspicuous son is a few marlboro cigarettes.Waitress came up and left the eye say: you valued ah, this is not 28 block a bottle of, is 2800.Then turned to asked me what I wanted, I said don't what, see.Then the BangBianEr and yelled: ah, 2800 bottle son.Say that finish they bowed and pulls out a dozen ticket on the counter said: that's right, affirmation is this. Nana let to two bottles.
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