Hanoi - Halong On The Road

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A 4-hour journey by bus on the way from Hanoi Capital to Halong is not such a boring time with annoying but an extremely exciting and amazing way to experience charming North Vietnam. Actually, many guests who came to Hanoi and took a trip to Halong had unforgettable memories during time on bus getting Halong.

“Experience real Vietnam life…”

Your trip will not be perfect unless you spend time to study about the local life and stories. During the time getting Halong is the great way to do that and each traveler has his way to make 4 hour bus trips interesting. Some find it is interesting to observe how traffic in Vietnam is and they study extremely amazing and strange lessons about Vietnam traffic. One guest coming back from a Hanoi - Halong tour exciting express “Trying to get out of Hanoi we were stuck for a bit in a traffic jam. It was pretty amazing.” - Excitingly express on TripAdvisor a guest coming back from a Hanoi - Halong tour. Angela Schonberg takes joining bus said “A bus picked me up in Hanoi in the morning and we made the long drive to the boats. I was surprised how long the drive took as I originally thought that Halong Bay was closer to the city. Still, the ride was comfortable and we made it to the water with few complaints. Plus, while we drove along, we got the chance to introduce ourselves to the other travelers who would be joining us on our adventure”.

“Study Vietnam history and people there…”

In addition, you will learn about Vietnam history via your guide’s story which is told in a very funny and easy-understanding way but you will certainly get more about Vietnam from them. Feel free to ask tour guiders about anything you want to know about Vietnam, they will be very kind and smart to answer. A long diary written by a guest just quoted in short here express their impression about Vietnamese people “The most remarkable discovery about the Vietnamese is their willingness to move on and accept the things we cannot change. In a country that has almost always been invaded/occupied by foreign governments, and has experienced almost continuous war over the past 1,000 years, they are a forgiving people. Life goes on…no use dwelling in the past…forgive those who caused harm…hold no grudges. Certainly they will never forget the atrocities of war, nor the 3 million civilians and family members killed in the 1960s and 70s. But they hold no grudges against Americans or the war veterans, and in fact invite us to Vietnam to forgive and make amends.”

“Shrink in to breathtaking beauty of the Northern of Vietnam…”

Vietnam not only has some outstanding places for their beauty charm but owns picturesque escape along the road. If you just sleep along the road to Halong, you are surely leaving out a part of Vietnam - the natural countryside. Water buffaloes sunk up to their horns in muddy pools, taking a rest from their hot work in the rice paddies. People transporting logs attached to the back of their bicycles. A Vietnamese man perched atop a mule, pulling loads of God-knows-what on a wooden cart. Endless rice paddies, rolling green hills poking up on the western horizon looking more like cartoon drawings than anything real. And the thousands of water-filled craters made by American bombs; craters that the resourceful Vietnamese have turned into shrimp farms and fish ponds. “My only description for our drive through the North Vietnamese countryside is to say it is breathtakingly beautiful and diverse” excited a guest written diary after his Vietnam tour, including Hanoi-Halong tour.

A long-hour trip for transfer may bring tiredness for many oversea travelers but make it different point of view, spend time to study and enjoy the beauty, you will have an amazing and special trip.

by Huong Emilie

Venture Offshore to the Florida Keys

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Sprinkled off the southwest coast of Florida, the sandy gems known as the Keys offer one exciting opportunity after another for vacationers in search of stimulation and relaxation. The islands stretch for 120 miles, and within that span you'll find art, history, music, wilderness, and as much natural beauty as your senses can handle. Each island has its own distinctive qualities, but you'll find that they all share the ability to impress and enthrall anyone wise enough to stray from the mainland.

Key Largo, the northernmost island, is a great place to start your tour of the Keys. Known as the Diving Capital of the World, this area of land and sea will provide underwater explorers access to North America's only living coral barrier reef, as well as Spiegel Grove, a 510 foot sunken navy ship. Sport fishing is also a popular attraction, so arrange for an experienced captain to take you out for a spin if you have your heart set on reeling in an exotic catch. Key Largo's close proximity to the Everglades make eco-tours exciting prospects, and kayakers with a love for the environment can be seen paddling all around the lush marshland.

Next in line is Islamorada. Though ocean fishing is an activity common in all the Keys, Islamorada claims the title of Sport Fishing Capital of the World. Reel in a sailfish, tuna, tarpon, or bonefish, or just watch the saltwater hunters do their thing. Diving, too, is popular here, as the coral reef winds its way all around this enchanting string of islands. Islamorada has a few state parks for your enjoyment, and plenty of shops and galleries that surely contain the perfect souvenir.

Marathon is the Heart of the Keys, and offers up plenty of reasons to make it a valuable addition to rest of its sisters. An airport and hospital give it a modern, practical feel, but there are lots of light-hearted diversions to keep you feeling mellow. Sombrero Reef is a haven for snorkelers, Crane Point Hammock holds 64 acres of museums and a nature center, and the Dolphin Research Center and Turtle Hospital take care of the marine animals that make their home in Marathon. Spend some time enjoying the wonderful conditions for ocean activities in Boot Key Harbor, and then continue your journey to the next blissful island.

The Lower Keys have a quieter appeal, but still offer plenty to see and do. Bahia Honda State Park on the Key of the same name is considered one of the most beautiful beaches around, and Little Duck Key is home to Veterans Memorial Park. Big Pine Key has the best shopping in the area, and it also exists as a refuge for Key Deer, the tiny and delicate creatures who add another fascinating detail to the already entrancing atmosphere of the Lower Keys. This is an ideal area to set up a tent or rent a vacation home, as its uncultivated land and stunning sunsets make it utterly appealing.

Finally, at the end of the line you'll find the biggest personality of all, Key West. Home to Ernest Hemingway, a healthy artistic community, and festivals galore, this fun-loving shelter from negativity is the place to be for anyone looking to enhance their lust for life. Whether you feel like sipping a margarita on Duval Street or raising your hands to the sunset on Mallory Square, you'll feel comfortable and embraced by the diverse population that inhabits and visits the most open-minded Key.
Anywhere you stop along the sprawling collection of cozy islands will welcome you to slow down for a while and listen to the sounds of sweet contentment. Stay active or stretch out on the sand, no one will be judging you for putting your own interests first and truly enjoying your hard-earned vacation. On this note, be sure to choose a place to stay that will reinforce the lessons of the Keys; treat yourself right and stay comfortable.

Renting a vacation home might be the perfect way to carry out these goals. Crowded resorts and bland hotel rooms might be unavoidable in some situations, but the Florida Keys have a number of different choices. Reserving an oceanfront condo in Key Largo or a secluded beach hut on its own little island will give you the chance to truly retreat from the outside world, reconnect with your traveling companion, and enjoy the glorious surroundings as they are meant to be enjoyed.

Go online to start searching for the Florida Keys Vacation Rental that will top off the undoubtedly marvelous experience you are sure to have as you head south to paradise.

by Caitlin Moore

"The Amazing Race" with a Twist of Reality

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If you're one of the 9.3 million people who tune in to The Amazing Race, then chances are the explorer in you thinks "I could do that!", well, now you can - but more to your liking! If you don't watch, but consider yourself a traveler, rather than a tourist - read on!

Like the popular show, the Amazing Race, COMPETITOURS designed a travel experience where two people per team are sent on a secret trip to Europe to earn points by accomplishing a series of fun, quirky and interactive challenges, documented via their own video cam for the COMPETITOURS judges to score.
The company's judges will pick the winners based on the task recordings

And after a fun, fulfilling vacation, you may also win the prize? A worldwide travel spree grand prize of future airline tickets and hotel nights, which are valued at up to $16,000., featuring up to 40 nights at over 115 Starwood hotels spanning 51 exotic countries, plus airfare and spending money, makes the trip just THAT much more fun.

Creator Steve Belkin, notes this "Amazing Race for regular people" takes its participants throughout Europe lasting 8-14 days. Armed with a Eurail pass, a video camera and their own sense of creativity, these competitors compete in five offbeat challenges a day.

"Each team can determine their own mix of mainstream vs. niche daily itineraries. Some teams might be cynical about the Eiffel Tower while others consider it must-see. So, each team will customize their challenge choices to best meet their personal travel and touring preferences" explains Belkin.

MAINSTREAM - bustling big cities bursting with culture, food, shopping, must-see sites and must-do activities (think Rome, Stockholm, Budapest, London and everywhere in between)

NICHE - under the radar cool spots, too inconvenient for the package tours and too much research for the backpacker crowd (think ethnic enclaves in big cities, bleeding edge technology exhibits, KGB museums, poison beer recipes)

TIMELESS - rural village life where tradition and craftsmanship are still revered (think castle-lined rivers, 16th century Hatfeld & McCoys and other myths and legends, skulls as art, cuckoo clocks as passion)

AWE-INSPIRING - Europe is blessed with a diversity of natural assets (think summer skiing, river kayaking, biking through wine country, ice caving, hiking the Alps)
Visit an African immigrant market while in Brussels and ask the locals to help you find:

Examples of Challenges:
- Head to the top of the Eiffel Tower and gather 15 tourists together to record them doing a 30-second version of the can-can.

- Visit a graffiti-filled remnant of the Berlin Wall and shoot a video as an art critic trying to provide a 'meaningful' interpretation to the graffiti...be serious, silly, sarcastic, whatever

- Visit a West African market to find a Church that conducts services in Swahili, learn and sing a hymn in the native tongue

This Editors Thoughts:

Having never watched the Amazing Race, when I first read about Producer and COMPETITOURS creator, Steve Belkin's new company, I was immediately intrigued. As a 15+ year veteran of the travel industry, I found the concept of traveling with a mission to discover or create the unexpected a brilliant way to enjoy the culture, history and nuances of a new destination. The challenges allow the competitors to discover places, history and mingle with locals, something they may not have done on their own.

Friends, family members, partners and new traveling companions will create memories and bonds that are priceless.

The brilliance is in the self discovery that takes place during such a competition in unknown destinations and cultures.

by Ilizabeth Sutera

Islip Hotels Near the MacArthur Airport

Islip has many fascinating things to offer to guests whether you're hear on a business trip or for a vacation. You'll find several Islip hotels near the MacArthur Airport and other attractions like the Splish Splash Water Park.

Islip is a small town in New York's Suffolk County. It is named after a community in Oxfordshire, England and is divided into different sections. This town is a popular stop over destination for those traveling through Mac Arthur Airport and going to Ronkinkoma or Bohemia, New York. For a comfortable stay, both leisure and business travelers can choose from the wide selection of Islip hotels like Econo Lodge, Courtyard Lodge as well as La Quinta Inn & Suites.

Econo Lodge MacArthur Airport - This Islip hotel is conveniently located near Long Island Railroad and the MacArthur Airport. It offers a nightly rate that starts at $74.99. Guestrooms in this hotel are equipped with hairdryers, refrigerators, microwave ovens and coffee makers. They also provide complimentary USA Today newspapers and Continental breakfast. Its exact address is 3055 Veterans Memorial Highway Ronkonkoma, New York.

Courtyard Long Island MacArthur Airport - This is a good choice among several Islip hotels near the MacArthur Airport. Its nightly rate ranges from $105.78 to $149. This 2-star hotel offers the most central location in Long Island. It is a favorite amongst business travelers. Guestrooms of this Courtyard hotel feature spacious granite bathrooms, refrigerators, microwave ovens, productive workspaces and more. They also have a fitness facility, business center and an indoor pool. Their Courtyard Café serves American breakfast buffets apart from their a la carte menu and American Home Style cuisine. The exact address of this Islip hotel is 5000 Express Drive South Ronkonkoma, New York.

La Quinta Inn & Suites - This is one of the best Islip hotels near the MacArthur Airport. It is conveniently located in Bohemia and offers 2-star accommodations. It is a stylishly designed hotel that assures maximum comfort to both leisure and business travelers. It is also a favorite of many families because it is near attractions and shopping venues like the Splish Splash Water Park, Tanger shops, wineries and golf courses. Business travelers love this hotel because of its closeness to the Rechler Business Park and some offices for Computer Associates. Its guestrooms are equipped with high speed Internet connectivity, refrigerators, coffee makers, microwave ovens, hairdryers and 32-inch flat screen TVs. They also have a business center, Spa, fitness center and meeting facilities. Free airport shuttle services and Bright Side breakfast is also provided. The nightly rate of La Quinta Inn & Suites ranges from $115 to $135. Their exact address is 10 Aero Road Bohemia, New York.

Islip Hotels,Information & Tourism

The Town of Islip, named after Islip in England, is situated in Suffolk County, New York state in US. Located on the south shore of Long Island it is a seaside resort area comprising of some 20 residential communities that includes Islip Village, the seat of the town government.

The region got settlers arriving in 1683 and was incorporated in 1710. Central Islip is home to New York Institute of Technology and the site of a community college at Brentwood.

Islip includes the villages of Brightwaters, Islandia, Ocean Beach and Saltaire as also numerous hamlets including Bayshore and Sayville which are ferry terminals for Fire Island.

Places of Attractions include Gardiner County Park, Islip Art Museum and Sagtikos Manor. The Manor built in 1697, served briefly as headquarters for British army during the Revolutionary War. Some of the best accommodations & hotels you can avail near to the McArthur Airport in Islip respect to convenience, comfort and cost.

by David H. Urmann

Must-Visit Places In Washington DC

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Being the country's capital, naturally, there are plenty of wonderful, thought-provoking cultural and historically-rich sites to visit in a bus charter. Washington DC boasts of places like National Mall, a large park within the city center that has been attracting throngs of tourists from the world over for decades. Millions come for languid weekend afternoons walks, biking and picnics with family members too, so, it's not just for the tourists. Another amazing place to visit in the bus would be the Washington Monument. Just remember to charge your camera batteries up on full load and snap away.

What other places to visit in Washington DC in a bus charter? Washington DC is also the place where the famous Korean War Veterans Memorial is. On top of being beautiful, there is so much to learn too - the kids are going to go home smarter and wiser. Since there are so many places to visit, an amazing array of restaurants to experience and a wonderful number of malls to shop at, it is always a wiser option to rent a bus if you want to have a smoother traveling experience. After all, there isn't a point in joining in with the infamous traffic in and out of Washington DC when one is unfamiliar with the roads. In fact, that is why most people touring Washington DC in a group prefer to use bus charter.

Washington DC is also home to one of the largest reflecting pools in the country. You may have seen the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool used as backdrop or featured in films and TV series and not recognize it. It is a rectangular pool located at the National Mall, very near Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument. At different angles, you can see all three - the Monument, the Memorial and the trees - all together through the reflection in the pool. The reflecting pool was designed by Henry Bacon as a dedication to the Lincoln Memorial.

Another must-see site by bus charter - Washington DC Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. It is an art museum located nearby the National Mall too. The sculptures and exhibits are dedicated to the WWII period but has been classified as a museum for contemporary, as well as, modern art. Here, you get to see stuff from Willem de Koonig, Louise Nevelson, Henri Matisse, Mary Cassalt and many, many more! Art lovers, you will most definitely have the time of your life in this museum. Art organizations and photography enthusiasts, get together in a group and visit this museum using bus charter.

Washington DC is rich in art and culture, therefore, the National Symphony Orchestra, National Opera, Warner Theater and the Kennedy Center Honors are all good choices for original and world-famous performances alike.

With so many places to visit in a bus charter, Washington DC will surely leave you with wonderful memories to bring home.

by Pamela Lawson

Tourists attractions in Washington

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Plan your vacations by traveling with Washington flights to the superb nation of staggering distinctions, from the elevated mountain ranges to the luxuriant strips.

United States is considered one of the most beautiful and powerful countries of the world and many of her destinations are absolutely very popular as well. So many different and new things are interesting facts for all the travelers and tourists visiting this country for the first time in their life. Washington D.C is the capital of this enormously popular state and reflects some measures of international quality for travel and tourism industry and grabs the attention of all the passengers who want to get on board to their cheap flights to Washington D.C. Travel to Washington D.C through American Airlines and many other top ranked airlines of the world to enjoy a quality air journey.
Some of the tourist's attractions in this vast beautiful and absolutely adored city are as follows;
City Segway Tours of Washington, DC
Bike and Roll Washington DC
DC Metro Food
Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
DC by Foot - Free Walking Tours
Lincoln Memorial
Library of Congress
Washington National Cathedral
Old Town Trolley Tours of Washington DC
National Air and Space Museum
Washington Monument
Korean War Veterans Memorial
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
National Museum of Natural History


These all above mentioned places have a unique value and thus many of the travelers traveling through their cheap flights to Washington D.C love to explore all of these destinations and famous places.
Washington D.C is considered to have the world's most favorable traveling zone because of its climatic conditions as the temperature also drops down although in other cities of United States the temperature remains quite high. In winter season, there is also some snowfall throughout the city. People from hot and dry countries and region love to spend their time during the days of snowfalls in the city and buy their cheap flights to Washington D.C for this purpose. The northern suburbs of Washington D.C are considered the most suitable ones for having a family trip to Washington D.C. Apart from that the regular cold fronts pass over in winter brings very cold winds from southern part with usually clear skies.
There are many different shopping centers and plazas in the city widely open for customer services and offering the low prices by providing discounts as well. Some of those are absolutely popular all around the United States considered being a shopper's paradise. Many visitors who enjoyed their cheap flights to Washington D.C visit these plazas and purchase any kind of stuff needed and also buy things for their dear ones.

by Precious Dzanku

Itching To Get Away? Go For a Florida Beach Adventure!

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When planning the ultimate getaway, most travelers envision a beach adventure. This is only natural of course, as nothing beats feeling the sand between one’s toes, breathing in the fresh sea breeze and getting a sun-kissed look. When choosing the perfect haven of sand and sea, there’s no better option than the best beaches Florida could offer.

The Florida Option

Being the Sunshine State of America, Florida features warm pleasant weather and miles upon miles of beaches. As a matter of fact, it serves as the home state of two national sea shores, the Canaveral National Seashore situated on the barrier island along the Atlantic Coast of the state, and the Gulf Island National Seashore, which is located in northwest region of Florida, near Mississippi. Attracting over 60 million visitors each year, it’s no surprise that Florida ranks among the top vacation destinations in the United States.

When it comes to naming the most idyllic beaches Florida could offer, Navarre Beach and Pensacola Beach instantly come to mind. These West Florida beaches boast of white-sand shores and pristine blue waters, two paradise destinations that await tourists who want to experience only the best beach vacation they could ever have.

Play with nature at Navarre Beach!

The great thing about touring Navarre Beach is that there are many diverse activities to do. Tourists could either grow butterflies at the Panhandle Butterfly House, or catch some big fish at the Navarre Pier. Spotting some sharks at the Souvenir City and Shark Museum is also a great option, especially for children.

This tourist destination is an ideal getaway not only for those who want a relaxing time away from a busy life, but also for families who want to make most out of their time together. Navarre Beach is located on Santa Rosa Island, and was the primary setting of the 1978 film, “Jaws 2.”

Attend a Music Party at Pensacola Beach!

Located near Navarre, Pensacola Beach is popular for having exceptionally white sand and an ideal climate. In the winter, the Pensacola temperature is comfortably warmer than most regions, while summers are breezy cool. The rich military history of the Pensacola area makes it a fun and educational tourist destination. Tourists may relive American history at Fort Barrancas and at the Veterans Memorial Park/Wall South. They may explore and learn about marine life at the Gulfarium, and afterwards head to The Pensacola Lighthouse for a good dose of ghost stories. Apart from these scenic and entertaining tours, Pensacola Beach offers great times at Chumuckla's Farmer's Opry House, where sumptuous American dinners are served with great country and gospel music. There’s nothing better to punctuate a day except for great company and the right combination of musical notes and delicious drinks, so that dropping by this laid-back Florida joint is definitely necessary for any tourist.

It’s hard to imagine a Florida vacation without Navarre Beach and Pensacola Beach topping the list, especially when these two tourist destinations are the best spots where to shake off stress gain newfound energy.

by Greg Schnoor