Hanoi - Halong On The Road

Monday, 13 January 2014
A 4-hour journey by bus on the way from Hanoi Capital to Halong is not such a boring time with annoying but an extremely exciting and amazing way to experience charming North Vietnam. Actually, many guests who came to Hanoi and took a trip to Halong had unforgettable memories during time on bus getting Halong.

“Experience real Vietnam life…”

Your trip will not be perfect unless you spend time to study about the local life and stories. During the time getting Halong is the great way to do that and each traveler has his way to make 4 hour bus trips interesting. Some find it is interesting to observe how traffic in Vietnam is and they study extremely amazing and strange lessons about Vietnam traffic. One guest coming back from a Hanoi - Halong tour exciting express “Trying to get out of Hanoi we were stuck for a bit in a traffic jam. It was pretty amazing.” - Excitingly express on TripAdvisor a guest coming back from a Hanoi - Halong tour. Angela Schonberg takes joining bus said “A bus picked me up in Hanoi in the morning and we made the long drive to the boats. I was surprised how long the drive took as I originally thought that Halong Bay was closer to the city. Still, the ride was comfortable and we made it to the water with few complaints. Plus, while we drove along, we got the chance to introduce ourselves to the other travelers who would be joining us on our adventure”.

“Study Vietnam history and people there…”

In addition, you will learn about Vietnam history via your guide’s story which is told in a very funny and easy-understanding way but you will certainly get more about Vietnam from them. Feel free to ask tour guiders about anything you want to know about Vietnam, they will be very kind and smart to answer. A long diary written by a guest just quoted in short here express their impression about Vietnamese people “The most remarkable discovery about the Vietnamese is their willingness to move on and accept the things we cannot change. In a country that has almost always been invaded/occupied by foreign governments, and has experienced almost continuous war over the past 1,000 years, they are a forgiving people. Life goes on…no use dwelling in the past…forgive those who caused harm…hold no grudges. Certainly they will never forget the atrocities of war, nor the 3 million civilians and family members killed in the 1960s and 70s. But they hold no grudges against Americans or the war veterans, and in fact invite us to Vietnam to forgive and make amends.”

“Shrink in to breathtaking beauty of the Northern of Vietnam…”

Vietnam not only has some outstanding places for their beauty charm but owns picturesque escape along the road. If you just sleep along the road to Halong, you are surely leaving out a part of Vietnam - the natural countryside. Water buffaloes sunk up to their horns in muddy pools, taking a rest from their hot work in the rice paddies. People transporting logs attached to the back of their bicycles. A Vietnamese man perched atop a mule, pulling loads of God-knows-what on a wooden cart. Endless rice paddies, rolling green hills poking up on the western horizon looking more like cartoon drawings than anything real. And the thousands of water-filled craters made by American bombs; craters that the resourceful Vietnamese have turned into shrimp farms and fish ponds. “My only description for our drive through the North Vietnamese countryside is to say it is breathtakingly beautiful and diverse” excited a guest written diary after his Vietnam tour, including Hanoi-Halong tour.

A long-hour trip for transfer may bring tiredness for many oversea travelers but make it different point of view, spend time to study and enjoy the beauty, you will have an amazing and special trip.

by Huong Emilie


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